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manJodi Anne Howard Newbern
1959- Till—this book or
my kids kill me…!
“A Brief Bio About My Background”

“I was born a middle class white child….. I have always loved writing, and wanting to be an “actual author” was wedged between wanting to also become a famous ballerina, an artist, an Olympic Ice Skater, an Oscar/Tony Award-Winning Actress, a Platinum Album singer, a teacher, and a talk show host.

(Oh yeah, and—a wife and mother.)

As you can guess, I was torn. And so, instead, I ended up eventually becoming a restaurant manager, a video club advisor, a weight loss supervisor, and being in the banking business for about ten years. Quite a colorful career, actually, but that all ended abrubtly when we brought home our (5 yo boy and 8 yo girl…) “babies” September, 2004 from Ukraine, and “Life”, at least as I had known it, was about to become drastically and dramatically different!

re-gift closet(“And, oh yeah”--after about 45 years or so… I finally got to become a wife and a mother…!)

I actually still had a lot of ambition to pursue some “real writing”—my brain has always been full of ideas--, but lacked a lot of motivation… That is, until I came up with a joke gift for my friend and neighbor because she didn’t know what a “Regift Closet” was. She needed a last-minute gift. She had nothing to give. I offered her a gift from my “regift closet”. She had no idea what that was, but she reluctantly agreed, (not knowing what she was about to get into….!) I gave her a set of wine glasses I had been given years ago, but never used, to regift. After her initial hesitation in actually “regifting” something to someone else, (“Isn’t that terribly tacky??”) she mentioned that maybe she needed to start her own “regift closet” to store all her regiftable items” (turned out she had lots, although she still wasn’t so sure she would actually have the guts to regift them, graciously or otherwise…)

It was then that I decided I needed to make her a “Regift Starter Kit”. And so I decided to make her one. And as I was putting her “Starter Kit” together, using about a dozen or so items that I already had “in stock”, I decided (I was making a lot of simultaneous decisions that day) that she needed some instructions as to how to really “graciously” regift everything that she was getting, as well as gifts that she would be sure to get in the future. I started thinking about the various types of regift inventory that I had, and how they could be classified for her in the “instructional guide”, and the idea just took off. It was obvious to me that every regiftable item I had stored in my “closet” had a classification type that could determine just who, what, why—and how-- it could graciously be regifted.

They say you should write what you know, and I definitely know about “regifting”. As early as 1965, when I shamelessly regifted a pair of brand new gloves (still with tags!) that I had found in the closet to my mother for her birthday (that she had already been given by who knows who and who knows when …!) So you see, I come from a very long line of “regifters”, and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

purple alienThus, on December 25, 2006, “The Gift Giver’s Guide To Gracious Re-Gifting; or How To Give What You Have Received” (“includes a FREE Starter Kit!”) was born in the manic mind of this 49 year old “non-working” mom with an unleashed desire to create something (or some things) from the millions of many ideas mulling about in my gray matter. Suffice it to say that the entire gift was a huge hit! Everyone else that later also received a “Starter Kit” along with the “Regift Guide” loved it as well, (and I was able to get rid of 85% of my inventory…!) and, along with my husband, kept encouraging me to try to get it published. Well, the rest is history…to the making!

So join me, my friend, in getting regifting back to be the respectable—and reasonable-- way of recycling your unwanted gift waste once and for all!! Give your gifts to others graciously!

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